Welcome to Irish Rail Models

The goal of this site is to provide a single, comprehensive database of all current, historical and planned irish railway models, covering locomotives, coaching stock, freight stock and multiple units, as well as accessories, buildings and all related material. In additon, the Prototype category contains drawings and photos of the ‘real thing’ to aid the modeller.

Thus, it is hoped, the Irish Rail Modeller will have a single location to locate Drawings, RTR items, kits and layout add-ons – hopefully making things easier, and encouraging more modellers to the ‘Irish’ side of things!

You can explore the following categories:

  • RTR / Ready to Run Models – mass manufactured items for the Irish Market
  • Kits – smaller scale manufacturers supplying kits and scratch aids for Irish modellers
  • Coming Soon – Models that have been announced and will soon be available on the market!
  • Prototype Drawings – Drawings of the ‘real thing’ with some photos, to aid the modeller in building, detailing and painting!